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  • Bulk of Drinks
  • Bulk of Drinks
Silene Bar & Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +39 02 91522733

Silene Bar & Restaurant is addressed to both hotel guests and the local community who can gather in this dynamic and light-filled ambience from their 8AM morning coffee to a late night cocktail.


Glass on rock
  • Location
  • Via Caldera 3, 20153, Milan IT
  • Opening Hours
Breakfast: 6.30 - 10.30/ Weekend 7.00 - 11.00
Lunch: 12.30 - 15.00
Dinner: 19.30 - 23.00
Bar 6.30 - 1.00
From your first step in you will instantly perceive that a thoughtful game of lighting and design sets the scene of Silene Bar & Restaurant. The color palette effortlessly blends with the flourishing nature enclosing the hotel, with soothing gold and gray accents merging with sharp lines and rough textures in a restful, yet functional environment. Open, collaborative and flowing, it has been conceived to bring people together. The design has been built upon creating a community-fluid space that feels warm and inviting, with stylish essentials providing an elevated experience suitable for working, meeting or relaxing.
chef luca nania
Executive Chef Luca Nania

His career started in Sicily, his homeland, where he gained knowledge and method in the preparation of traditional Sicilian pastries and desserts in a local bakery. The opportunities that came in the years to follow brought him to travel across different countries, although he gained wide experiences mostly in China, covering the role of Executive Chef in luxury 5 star hotels. Along the way he had the fortune to work with many talented chefs and leading many of the teams he had under his guidance to established success and rewards. A career across three continents saw him embracing diversity in the seeking of new tastes and indigenous cooking techniques. This didn't prevent him from keeping the connection with his roots, staying tight to the Italian traditions, while still adding his creative touch in a wide open minded standpoint. Curious and innovative yet rigorous and respectful of his regional heritage, Chef Luca Nania is on board to take the challenge of directing the kitchen brigades of Sheraton Milan San Siro moved by his motto "One team, one family".



Every day, right before dinner, at Silene we stage the Italian ritual of the "aperitivo". Get together for this special moment of the day. Your drink or crafted cocktail will be paired with a fine selection of finger food, served by the kitchen of El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti, the steakhouse of choice for a dinner dedicated to authentic Argentinian flavors


Discover El Patio del Gaucho

Out in the terrace

What makes Silene even more noteworthy is the adjoining terraced garden, ideal for outdoor aperitifs under the shade of trees or relaxing al fresco lunch breaks, surrounded by the greenery of our urban oasis.


Silene Grab n Go
Grab & Go
Our Grab & Go counter at the gateway serves healthy snacks and drinks to go fostering those in a rush not to give up on a balanced and nourishing meal even when running to their next meeting or after a jogging session in the parks nearby.